Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mission Statement/Memo

Forgive the Jerry Maguire reference.

I've noticed a number of people asking me where to go for 'X' type of experience in Ann Arbor. Sometimes it's from people new to Ann Arbor. Sometimes it's from students turning 21 and wanting to know where they can get specials. Sometimes it's from visitors to Ann Arbor just looking for something to do on a weekday. Hell, sometimes, it's from people who always go to the same bar (read: Charley's) and want a change of scenery.

This 'blogs' purpose is to compile my personal reviews of various Ann Arbor bars, theatres, shows, parks, etc. Basically, I want to make a site where you can browse the thousands of Ann Arbor activities and get a good idea as to the experience you might have there.

What this 'blog' isn't: Anything other than an editorial. I aim to present my take on the topics I post on. If you disagree, go ahead and comment on it, but I won't apologize for offending your favorite spot.

Knowing that the number of readers at current is likely zero, I'll refrain from asking what else could be added, but feel free to drop me a line if you have a request for a review on a bar, or want to know about a certain Ann Arbor topic.

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Anonymous said...

THE JUG needs to be reviewed stat!