Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cinco de Montho at Cantina

BTB Cantina, once a month, has a night of extreme specials. Starting at 5pm on the 5th of every month, all bottles of beer are $1 and shots of Cuervo are only $.50. Every hour the price of each of these goes up by $.50 and settles at $2.50.

While I have a love-hate relationship with tequila, as I believe we all do, this is a rockin' deal for that first hour. I do believe this is actually in violation of the law (selling alcohol under the cost to purchase - Handle of JCE ~ $34/40 shots), but hey, who needs the law?

The first time I went was in January (coinciding with a friend's birthday) and it wasn't crowded at all. However, I also stopped in for Febuary 5th at around 5:15pm and it took 30 minutes in line to get a drink (I promptly left after said drink).

Next month's Cinco de Montho will probably be equally or more crowded, as student's will be concluding their first week back from Spring Break, and needing to unwind.